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We provide full scope accounting services to our clients from different business industries.


Accounting service includes below components which can be adjusted based on your special needs:  1) Keeping accounting records;
2) Submitting tax declarations;
3) Monitoring primary tax documents;
4) Tax advisory;
  5) Reporting;
6) Submitting statistical forms.


Tax advisory includes below components: 1) Tax optimization - advice about optimal taxation schemes according to Georgian Tax Code.  2) Tax compliance - advice on proper tax compliance and applicable taxation in your business scenarios.   3) Preparing preliminary decisions - supporting clients to get preliminary decision from tax authorities on various cases.  4) Returning VAT and other prepaid taxes.


We provide reporting services to our clients which include: 1) Compilation of financial statements which help management to control their business.  2) Preparation of financial reports according to statutory requirements according to accounting standards (IFRS; IFRS for SMEs; standard of 4-ts category companies according to regulation requirements). 3) Preparation of managerial reports according to statutory requirements.  4) Submitting annual reporting forms to SARAS according to statutory requirements.  


We perform following services in corporate finance which help our clients to plan control and analyze their business:
1) Preparation of business plan; 3) Performance analyses; 4) Preparation of budget; 5) Cash flow planning; 6) Financial process review.


We provide training on various business and accounting topics including: 1) Accounting standards:
a) IFRS; b) IFRS for SMEs; c) Standards of 4-th category companies 2) Microsoft excel.


We provide following company registration services: 1) Advice on most optimal form of business entity in your specific case;
2) Registration of IE or LLC;
3) Provision of Legal Address; 4) Registration of Virtual Zone Entity or International Company for IT business.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of certified accountants with broad experience in various business sectors. Ourgoal is to make your life easier and to support you with sustainable growth of your business.

I'm the CEO!

Nikoloz Dumbadze


• Regional Finance Head at “LC WAIKIKI” Group (Georgia,  Armenia,Azerbaijan and Ukraine).
• Finance Manager at “Adress Retail Management Group”.
• Senior Auditor at “Ernst & Young”.


• Certified Accountant at “ACCA”
• Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business at “ACCA”
• BBA at “Caucasus University”

Salome Odisharia


• Finance Manager – “Center of Cultural Relations – CaucasianHouse”; “Soviet Past Research Laboratory”; “OC Media”.
• Chief Accountant – “TechTrans Internation Inc. Georgian branch”;“Peritus Group”; “Guide You”.
• Accountant – “Teliani Valley”; “Le Caucas”.


• Certified Accountant at “ACCA”
• MBA at “Georgian Technical University”
• Doctoral student in economy, media technologies and socialsciences at “Georgian Technical University”

Archil Diasamidze


• Financial Director at “GeoAgro”.
• Financial Director at “Georgia Food Company”.
• Financial Director at “Partner”.
• Financial Reporting Department Head at “Kor Standard Bank”.


• MBA at “Bank Of Georgia University”.
• BBA at “Caucasus University”

Natia Adamova

• Chief accountant Voyager LLC
• Chief accountant GASA LLC
• Chief accountant Hydrolea LLC
• Chief accountant Build Industry LLC
• Chief accountant Span Fishing Industry LLC
• Chief accountant Wilhelmsen group LLC


• BBA at American University Tbilisi

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